On-Site Inspection & Consulting

Creating ideas from impressions

As we meet the site, in order to full fill your expectations and get the most out of the site we analyze it according to plant cover, accessibility and application rules in zone. We consider every circumstance to make the best of the site and design your dream equestrian center.

Main Site Layout 

The foundation of your building project We create a main site layout according to your expectations and requirements. Main site lay out is a top view drawing which shows the settlement of indoor and outdoor spaces with in the harmony of landscape design.This stage is the first step to form a basis for your Project.


It creates the general concept and leads us to alternative solutions according to your individual expectations and specific requirements. This process aims to develop the design considering the importance of your desires.Subsequently we move on to the next step, which is preliminary design.

Primary Design 

Your Project is taking shape…On this step we detail the project in a smaller scale in terms of functional and structural aspect and consider technic and economic matters.


As well as ground plan and exterior views, we create 3D images in order to visualise easier.These three dimensional images brings up a photographic presentation which gives you an impression of the whole appearance and leads us to develop the design project together according to your requirements. This phase is a inspiration for new ideas and development stages.

Request for Preliminary Building Permission

On this part of the process we get the essential permissions for application. Permissions in Turkey are taken by us, for abroad permissions we cooperate with our partners.

Blueprint Drawing

Expertise and loving care for detail as this step is completed we present you a 1:100 scale detailed applicable drawing package. This package includes all floor plans, internal & external views and sections.


Functions and process ensue in their practical, economical and aesthetic way.Drawings are being prepared and obtained in digital media according to international standarts.

Application for Building Permit

In the hands of your local architect following procedure of consulting for building permission is done by architects who has full command on the requirements of the region and country.


For the abroad applications, we cooperate with local architects by sharing the drawings on digital platform.We would be glad to answer any further question about this phase